In the Middle


 On this journey of life that each of us is on, it is easy to lose focus and awareness for just how far we have come. I was always told as a child to move forward and never look back. That looking back would only slow me down. I get the point being made; however I think there are moments we need to look back in order to find the encouragement and inspiration in ourselves that will propel us forward.

If you were on a small boat traveling from the U.S. to England after awhile looking forward simply gives you the same view. Just the ocean and clouds with no land in sight and no clear indicator that you are even getting closer to seeing land. You could get discouraged with the view. But what if you decided to walk to the back of the boat and take a look? You would notice that there is no sight of land and where you came from in that view either. That you had made progress, and you can tell not by having arrived but in realizing just how far you have progressed from where you use to be. The simple change of perspective changes how we see our world and ourselves.

My perspective and view rarely come from the point of beginning or from the end but instead come from a place in the middle because the middle is where we will spend the majority of our time. The middle is the living in the present moment, the now and the right now.

Looking at life from the middle means we have first to embrace the issues, hurdles, and problems we may encounter.

How do I get better at marriage, relationships, career, leading, and life? How do I know that I have made any progress toward where I want to be?

How do I Discover the Problems that are holding me back, and Embrace the Process to overcome the problem and learn the Principal things, so I don’t have to encounter the same Problems.

The process is the middle that we often are reluctant to face. We realize that taking a look at ourselves can sometimes bring uneasiness and may require a change.Thinking clearly can be tough,and we are unable to Access, Address, and Progress beyond where we currently are.

Discover the Problem + Embrace the Process + Learn the Principal things=Growth and Progress

We are always in the middle of something. In the middle of falling in love,the middle of being in love, or the middle of letting go; in the middle of striving for success, experiencing success or the middle of losing it all; the middle of great health, middle of life or maybe the middle of recovery. In the middle of waking up or in the middle of going to bed.

To every situation,there is a middle making or perspective and how we handle the Boat

middle the most important part of all that we do. Our perspective dictates the quality of our future now moments and the results of our lives.

It’s a strange place being in the middle because you are just as close to quitting and going back as you are choosing to move forward with progress. One decision away from going right back to the old you as you are to becoming the person you want to be.

People are in one of the three places: 1) In the middle of getting it 2) In the middle of the journey of their dreams unfolding in their life 3) In the middle of living their dream.

Embrace the middle and Embrace the process to grow and to become better. It is the part of the story that defines your life the most. The need to let go of both impatience and regret so that you can embrace and enjoy being “in the middle.” In the middle of wherever you are. That doesn’t mean you can’t reflect on the past and vision about the future (because those obviously hold extremely valuable insights), but the middle can be a really enjoyable place, if you choose to embrace it.

One thought on “In the Middle

  1. Cindy Wright June 5, 2015 / 1:07 am

    Thank you and this was very beautiful. Embrace the middle and live in the now. Got it!!


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