About the Author

It’s the everyday ups and downs of life that we all experience and I am no exception.  Life gives us experiences and information and how we mature that information determines our personal growth and the quality of life we experience.  This blog is me being vulnerable, telling on myself about things I have learned the hard way, and living authentic.

Since 2005, I have been actively involved in helping others find their life purpose and address the occurrences in their life that were holding them back from living the life they knew they always wanted.  Working with clients from business CEO, to people just trying to make their relationships and life work better.

  • Culture builder for the worlds largest security alarm company
  • Motivational speaker to sales forces, men’s and women conferences, relationship conferences, Leadership Conferences and events focusing solely on personal growth ranging from students to retirees.
  • Life Coach, Business Coach, Relationship Coach and Spiritual Coach

What is Over, Above & Beyond?

Looking at my life and the life of my clients, I realized that we have three phases that are part of our everyday lives.  Stuff happens, problems happen, and issues happen to us and we can simply get Over them, only to have the same occurrences arrive in our future and get Over them again. Or we can move to a place Above, where we embrace the process and learn the principal things so as not to repeat the same events.  Then move to a place Beyond the situations and everyday occurrences.  A place where love and life can happen and the life you truly desire full of endless possibilities actually exist.

Grow from simply getting Over, to moving Above and to living a life Beyond your greatest expectations.

As a speaker:

I have to say that speaking chose me because I had no intentions of choosing this as my life purpose.  In 2003, I was working as a loan officer assisting non-profit organizations in obtaining financing, and people began requesting me to speak at their event, to their congregation, and to different business groups and here I am today.

Now people ask me questions like: “What is your niche?” What topics do you speak on?” My response is simple, “People are my passion and I speak on topics that are personal and give them the tools to see how they show up in life.” Whether a sales force, relationship seminar, personal success event, men’s conference or women’s conference,  how you show up in life determines the quality of your life.  I have traveled the country as a dynamic speaker, presenting to audiences of all ages, experiences and varying in sizes from 15 to 7,000.  Depending on the audience the topic may differ yet the heart and the messages are the same and the question is asked, “Who are you that your life, relationship, job, financial situation, etc.. is what it is?”

As a Coach:

If you are like me, you have probably thought to yourself, “There simply has to be more.” I have had the pleasure to coach individuals on finding that more. Whether a business that has seemed to have topped out, relationship that is on the brink of ending, or someone trying to discover their passion and life purpose it has been my greatest reward to be part of the transformation and healing that takes place in my clients lives.  Getting unstuck for some may seem impossible at times and my greatest pleasure comes in watching the door of endless possibilities open to my clients. We cannot do life alone from just our perspective; me included. That situation in your life that may seem impossible, from my perspective, is full of possibilities.

Whether as a Coach, spiritual advisor, or a speaker, it does not matter. All are ways I have the opportunity to live out my passion. My passion is simple, my passion is people.

For more information on how to hire me as a speaker, life coach or consultant, please contact me at 540-226-7266

W.Savoi Davis

Over, Above, Beyond
Certified Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Culture Builder

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